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Drive safe, or else...

I've been neglecting my blog for too long. I could go into reasons and make excuses, but what does that solve? It's not like posts from the past 8 months will magically appear. There's my apology. Take it or leave it. Now here's my post:

I ride a bicycle to work. Often, it is an old, rusted bicycle with a homemade bucket pannier hanging off the back.

I ride a bicycle because I enjoy being outside, and I work too far from home to walk.
I ride a bicycle because I am in training to race on one.
I ride a bicycle because it affords me a vent for my over-abundant agression.
I ride a bicycle because during "rush" hour it is faster than a car.
I ride a bicycle becuase it is fun.

Too many will never understand this.

I do not ride a bicycle because I can not afford a car.
I do not ride a bicycle because I am not allowed to drive a car.
I do not ride a bicycle because I am particularly concerned with my carbon footprint.
I do not ride a bicycle to "stick it to Big Oil".
I do not ride a bicycle to flout the traffic laws.

Do not assume these things about me.
Do not assume anything about me because I am on a bicycle.
Do not assume that I am a pacifist.
Do not assume that I am afraid of you, hiding in your vehicle.
Do not assume that I will yield my right of way.

I have been right-hooked twice in the last week.
Passed me on the left, then he turned when the passenger door was even with my front wheel.
I dented his roof, door and quarterpanel, then forced him out of his vehicle and made him tell everyone in the parking lot how sorry he was that he hit me. He is only seventeen.
At the highway intersection on 148th, peds/cyclists (there were 3 of us) had the crossing light and this guy considered the "break" in cross traffic his opportunity to make a right on red, clipping my front wheel and taking me 90-degrees with him.
I broke one of his windows and a taillight as he gunned the engine and hit-skipped the scene.

Drivers, if you want to step up the idiocy, I will continue to escalate the "emphasis" on my right of way.
The police may not care about your traffic violations.
The courts may go lenient on drivers who hit cyclists.
Other cyclists may back down.
I am far less forgiving.



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Jun. 13th, 2011 12:02 am (UTC)
Assaultive motorists
Good for you! I'm glad you are providing educational help to those in need. Glad to hear someone else is fighting the good fight.
Be smart, stay safe.
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