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Overdue updates

Between the seemingly never-ending rain and grey skies, a disheartening DNF and some personal crap I'm dealing with, I slipped into another bout of depression and I haven't been updating... although I've meant to. There's so much that has happened:

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A Spectacular DNF

I could make all sorts of excuses for why I DNF'd my ride yesterday, but it won't change anything. Those three letters still stare at me, putting a halt to my R-12 series until I start back up next month from square one.
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TdC training ride


Me and Mitchel outside the Tully's coffeeshop.
29mi done.


Catching up: Granite Falls 300k

I've been slacking on my blog, but only because I've been so busy with everything else. It's not been for a lack of riding.

I did ride the Granite Falls 300k last month, the weekend after the Bellingham 200k. Not only did I ride it, but my time was a smash compared to my previous 300k. It's been a few weeks, so the report of the ride will be sparse.
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Bellingham 200k, or, R-12 #5.5

I'll have a total of 3 qualifying distance events to pick from for my R-12 series in March, pending my successful completion of the Granite Falls 300k next weekend. Currently I have last weekend's Chili Feed 200k and this past weekend's Bellingham 200k completed.

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Lunchbreak on the Bellingham 200k


Halfway through!

(edited entry. Still getting the hang of the WinMobile LJ application.)


2010 Chili Feed 200k

The 2009 Chili Feed was my first "official" (medal earning) distance event with the Seattle Int'l Randonneurs. It was a cold and foggy day, and there was snow at Greenwater. My finish time was 11h 34m last year.

This year I'm better practiced through the winter season due to my R-12 attempt I started back in November of 2009. Coming into the Chili Feed this year, I already had over 600k in 2010 events under my belt, so I knew that I would be faster; and that was my only goal.
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Beer, and my Tour de Cure ride.

OK, I roped you in with the title, but you'll have to read a little ways to get to the beer. Or skip down to below the "sponsor me" button to get straight to the beer.

For the fourth consecutive year, I am captaining my company's Tour de Cure team.

In case you're not familiar with the Tour de Cure, it's a charity ride for the American Diabetes Association.
The company I work for, Bio-Rad Laboratories, is heavily involved with hospitals and point-of-care centers for A1c/eAG screening. The machinery we produce makes rapid turn-around for high volumes of test results an easier task for laboratory technicians. Along with our screening assays, Bio-Rad is involved nationally with the Tour de Cure in funding research to find and fight the causes of diabetes and help research toward a cure. Last year, Team Bio-Rad raised over $90,000 for the American Diabetes Association, with over $3,500 coming from our Seattle team.

As team captain, I'm always pushing myself to raise more money than last year; and I promote this with my challenge series. Two years ago, the challenge was to ride to/from the start of the century and make it a double metric. Well, I'm beyond the 200k being a big enough challenge, so last year I had a 2 level promotion; $350 to ride the century on my singlespeed, $500 to ride it fixed... and I raised $525 and rode the course on my fixed gear, as promised.
This year I have another multistage challenge:

At $600, I'll ride the century and the 25 miler.
At $725, I'll ride the century and the 45 miler.
At $850, I'll ride the century and the 75 miler.
At $1000, I'll ride the century course twice.

Click the button to sponsor my Tour de Cure ride.

Now, you may be asking yourself "Sure, fighting the battle against diabetes is an admirable cause... but no one I know has diabetes, so what's in it for me?" Well, aside from donations to a charitable organization being a tax-deductable expense, how about everyone's favourite 4-letter word: BEER. Yep, you read it right. The next 6 people* to donate $100 will get 1 case (24x 12oz. bottles) of handcrafted suds brewed by yours truly.** I've created everything from an light orange/corriander wheat brew, to a 10% abv coffee stout, and high IBU pale ales, to an ultra-heavy ale pushing a monstrous 21.5% abv! So get your donation in to reserve your case, and then tell your friends!

Notice of availability will be updated multiple times daily (as necessary) in the comments section to this posting.

*(Or groups of people... Nothing says you and a couple friends can't pool a donation.)
**(Local donations only. Delivery in/around Redmond, WA only.)

Seattle Randonneurs Spring Populaire

What a beautiful start to the season! The weather was awesome, the course was excellent, and I was feeling great.
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